Whenever you set out to name some of the best public speakers, there is going to be debate over who is put on the list and who is left off. But it’s still worth making the attempt because there is a lot we can learn from doing so.

Here are some of the people we think many would agree were or are some of the best public speakers in recent memory. continue reading »

Communication is a broad topic. It involves both non-verbal and verbal communication skills. The non-verbal communication skills are crucial and we talk about them often. But, today, let’s focus in on the verbal side of things from the perspective of a person actually speaking.

How can we organize our thoughts about these verbal communication skills? It can help to break them down to their basic elements as we’ve done below. continue reading »

We offer a lot of effective communication tips on this site. Today, we thought we’d focus in on just a few of the very best.

Effective Communication Tip #1: Pay Attention to Your “Non-Verbals”

We harp on this point a lot on this website and there is a reason that it is the first of our effective communication tips that we wanted to reiterate. That is because it’s so important. By far the majority of communication is non-verbal. What you wear, how you stand, the gestures you make, whether and how you touch others – these things speak volumes. Just think of how differently the same phrase can come across when whispered vs. yelled or spoken by a man in a suit vs. a man in a ski mask.

Always be conscious of the messages you’re sending with your “non-verbals” or the words you say may be overridden by contradictory messages from the rest of your communications. continue reading »