In order to compile a list of communication skills and abilities, we have to consider all phases of communication. These phases start before an actual direct interaction takes place and continue through reflection back upon the interaction to become a better communicator for the future.

The list also includes skills ranging from very basic to higher-level ones that usually require advanced communication skills training.

This is not a complete list of communication skills. But it contains many of the most important and interesting ones. continue reading »

When discussing communication skills, someone once asked “What are character traits?”

This person had heard this term spoken about a lot, but wasn’t clear on what it meant or why it was important when communicating.

First of all, what are character traits? They are qualities that a person or other being, whether real or fictional, embodies. continue reading »

There are a few things that are involved in devising all effective communication strategies. Whether you want to assess your current strategy or create new strategies for different situations, these principles will help. continue reading »